Friday, September 10, 2010

The story behind the name Ted Summers

The name Ted Summers goes back to when i was in Junior high school. Our school was little strict, so whenever you got caught talking while someone was talking on the mic, or if you moved your seat or anything like that, they would send you to the middle table where you had to sit away from all your friends (it was a dumb system as i always had a few friends there, just like everyone else did). When the attendance sheet came for the kids at the middle table, so we could get detention, i signed it Ted Summers, which wasnt my name. Eventually, the dean called the name Ted Summers over the mic, and me and my friends started laughing. Then, while i was in math, the dean called the name Ted Summers over the loudspeakers, saying it was urgent that i showed up at the office. By this time i was kinda worried that i would get into serious trouble when they realized that it was me and that there was no Ted Summers but i still found it very funny. Sometime later, i got in-school suspension for doing some dumb shit that i dont even remember what it was i did. While there, in the attendance sheet, i wrote again Ted Summers. By then, my friends started using the name whenever they got detention or anything, and by the next 3 days, the deans and even the principal were doing some investigating or something. They never found out who i was and the Ted Summers thing got really famous and out of hand until the point where if they found out you used it, you got 3 days suspension. So i decided to use the name for my blog. And i still use it occasionally for several different things. Funny how this name started. Imagine if it gets big in the future.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

post your fight stories, win or loss dont matter as long as its interesting :p

fought this tall, but skinny black guy, i won when he started to cry and eventually he just kinda ran away and got on the nearest bus :D

Monday, August 30, 2010

So how bout that CSS?

Love this game. I edit videos from it and play it a lot, shits sooo cash.
 10x better if your high, add my steam ->>

The Circle

O hello dur.