Thursday, September 9, 2010

post your fight stories, win or loss dont matter as long as its interesting :p

fought this tall, but skinny black guy, i won when he started to cry and eventually he just kinda ran away and got on the nearest bus :D


  1. i lost a lot of fights
    i got the shit beaten out of me
    tha's why i am a tough mother fucker
    i recommand it

  2. Helpin a brother out

    Support a brotha?

  3. i've always been an agressive person... but when it comes to fighting i seem to take the passive route. unless I'm fighting for something I really believe in, I just dont see the point. I'm still a tough person, but from various other happenings and growing situations... vague I know, but that's the way it is.


  4. does curling up into the fetal position and being whacked repeatedly by a crowbar count as "fighting"? cuz if so i've fought plenty of times.

    supportin'; clicked your stuff and viewed

  5. what an interesting perspective...

  6. I take the passive route also, but sometimes its unavoidable, just like this black guy who just kept getting in my face. will support all of u guize